When Your Partner Isn’t Giving You the Support You Need

When Your Partner Isn’t Giving You the Support You Need

November 07, 2022

Right before you obtained engaged, or had a kid, or moved across the state for your partner’s job, did you sit down and inquire every single other concerns like, What tends to make for a great lifetime? and How substantially operate is much too significantly? Yeah, neither did we. These are the kinds of discussions that researcher Jennifer Petriglieri claims lay the basis for partners, specially working mother and father, to have a mutually supportive romantic relationship and fulfilling, if demanding, professions.

A girl named Rebecca remembers conversing with her partner in depth about their values and aims early on in their romantic relationship. It was a dialogue that felt abstract at the time…and by no means took place once more. They now have two younger young children, and Rebecca is stepping into a new leadership purpose. She feels like she’s not having sufficient functional and psychological guidance from her partner, and is not sure how to achieve it. So, we questioned Jennifer to share her abilities and information.

We give Rebecca (and any individual in a identical condition) a framework for processing the profession-household rigidity she’s emotion, as nicely as tips for resolving it.


Jennifer Petriglieri is an associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD and the author of Partners That Get the job done: How Dual-Vocation Partners Can Prosper in Really like and Operate.


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