Prom Preparation Checklist

Prom Preparation Checklist

As prom season approaches, you and your friends will have a lot of important decisions to make. Prom Night is am important event. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, it is best to be prepared and make as many arrangements as possible in advance. This basic checklist will help you think through some of the important decisions you will need to make.

1. Set an Itinerary – Prom night is often chaotic as you rush from one place to next. Sit down with your date and your parents to make decisions in advance. For example, once you find out what time the prom is, you should decide what all you hope to do before prom. Will you be going out to eat? Will you be taking pictures? Are you going somewhere to take pictures or will you take your pictures at home? Having everyone agree on what you will be doing and clearly communicating your plans will avoid misunderstandings and confusion come Prom Night.

2. Discuss Expenses – Prom can also be very expensive – from dress and tux rentals to flowers, dinner, transportation, etc. You need to honestly discuss how much you will have to spend and how best to spend it. Now is the time to develop a plan for how you are going to pay for everything. By thinking through everything you will be paying for you will be able to determine which items on your list are most important to you.

3. Make Reservations – The earlier you make your reservations the better chance you will have at getting your first choices. Decide which restaurant and call ahead for reservations. Are you renting a limousine for your prom night? Remember you will be competing with others from your school and students from others schools in your area for that dinner reservation or stretch limo. Remember that many of your rentals and reservations may require you to place a deposit in order to secure the reservation.

Once you have taken these first steps you are ready to start planning out the details of your prom experience. Prom night is best enjoyed with friends. Consider getting together with your friends to rent a Party Bus and spending a little extra time enjoying the music and lights to do some pre-Prom dancing. You might want to arrange to have pictures with your date made at a professional studio. There are lots of ways to make the evening special.

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