Preparation For Conceiving a Boy Baby

Preparation For Conceiving a Boy Baby

I often have people who write to me and ask how they can best prepare their body to not only conceive, but to conceive a boy baby.  Preparing your body for conception and preparing your body for one gender over another are two entirely different things.  If you want to chose the sex of your baby, there are a few more steps to be aware of, which I will discuss in the following article.

General Preparation For Conception: First, I’m going to discuss a few general things you’ll want to do to get ready to try to conceive.  These apply no matter which gender you want.  First, if you are on birth control pills, you should give yourself three months before you start trying to get pregnant.  The same holds true for any medication that would either negatively affect the fetus or impede your ability to conceive.  Some medications require that you taper them down before you go off of them entirely.  Work closely with your medical professional on how best to do this.

Second, you will want to stop any dieting or rigorous food or workout plan.  Studies show that women need mostly normal amounts of calories and fat stores to have the best chance to conceive.  So, you’ll just want to make sure that your food or work out plan is not too restrictive. Studies do show that women who conceive boys conceive slightly more calories per day, often including breakfast as part of the calories.

Preparing Your Body For A Boy Conception: Before I get into the specifics, I want to first explain the characteristics of the boy producing sperm.  These are the little guys that you are rooting for in the race to the egg.  On a positive note, these little fellows (more specifically the Y chromosomes) are faster than their girl counter parts and this can be an advantage, but they are also the most vulnerable to issues like time and acidity which can be a disadvantage.  To give them the best shot to win the race, you’ll need to become more alkaline and to conceive late in the game.

The firs thing that I would do would be to get PH testing strips. This will tell you if your vaginal environment is friend or foe to the Y sperm.  If you are acidic, you will need to change this because this is not going to be a great scenario for the Y’s that you want to not only survive, but to thrive.  You can make your PH lower (which means to become more alkaline) through your diet (consuming low PH and low acid foods) and / or by douching with ingredients based on just how acidic you really are.   You will need to keep testing yourself to see how you are progressing and to know when your PH is low enough.

Another thing to consider is time.  Because the Y’s are so vulnerable, you can’t ask them to wait on the egg.  If they attempt this, many of them will die off.  You actually want the egg to have to wait for them.  To accomplish this, you’ll want to conceive after you ovulate (the day of or one day later.)  Find a very accurate method to calculate this.  I don’t like to leave anything to chance here, so I often recommend using a predictor that measures bodily fluids with urine and saliva being the most popular.  (I really do prefer saliva because it gives you more flexibility as to when you can test.)

The next variable involves your partner too.  For a boy conception, you want to make sure you have an orgasm as those bodily fluids are alkaline.  And, you want to achieve deep penetration because distance isn’t so friendly to the Y’s either.

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