Popular stock strategies

Popular stock strategies

To earn income from the s&p index price, participants apply many different strategies. They have advantages and disadvantages. Let us consider some of them.

Popular stock strategies

Stock price chart s&p 500: Management investing

This way of earning on the stock price chart s&p 500 is similar to a bank deposit. But the difference is that the percentage of return can fluctuate upwards or downwards.

The strategy is as follows – the broker sends the securities purchased in the market to the chosen investment company for management. It can do what it likes with them, pursuing the aim of gaining maximum profit and protecting them from losses. They use the stock price chart s&p 500 or any other indices.

100 us stock index fund: buying stocks before the closing of the registers

Let us imagine that the 100 us stock index fund closes its share registers in May. Some investors will buy securities by that time. This allows you to get a quick dividend. Then, after waiting for the value to rise, the securities are resold.

Selling shares before the close of the register

This strategy is as follows: a participant buys shares throughout the year, then sells them before closing time (in May). He does this because of the growth in prices during this period. The rise in the US tech 100 stock price is due to paying dividends.

Long Term Investing with Blue Chips

Blue chips are shares of popular companies. They provide a steady income. Profitability is small, but the method is in demand as a low-risk one. You don’t have to keep track of Dow 30 stock prices today. 


The essence of this method of making money is to buy at a low cost and their resulting resale at a high price. The stock exchange promotes it in every possible way. Factors which influence the price of securities:

  • The amount of profit the company makes;
  • the situation at the 100 us stock index fund;
  • moods of the stock market participants;
  • political situation in the country;
  • etc.

To trade, you need to be aware of what the market is based on, how to make money on stocks, and to keep a constant eye on the slightest changes. This is not a passive way of earning. 

Buying and holding stocks from the dow jones 30 industrial index or others for a long time

When an investor buys a share in a company, he makes a profit on it. Earnings are made up of the difference in value at the time of purchase and sale. Thus, the investment is secured for a long period. The process stretches up to ten years. 

Receiving dividends

This variant of earnings is also long-term. Because it has high reliability and low risk. Dividends are not a permanent or planned source of income. Because at any time the management of the company has the right to cancel the payment of a share of profits to shareholders.

The advantage of dividends is independence from the quotes. Because the participant receives profits, the amount of which is approved in advance at the meeting. Most often dividends are collected once a year. But sometimes – every quarter.

Among the disadvantages of dividends include the fact that each company has its own opinion about the rules of calculation. Because there is no uniform policy, and hardly it will appear.

When to buy one share, and when to create a portfolio?

An investment portfolio is a set of financial instruments. But the basis is composed of stocks, futures, and bonds (in a 50/30/20 ratio). Or, an investor forms a portfolio of the same type of securities (say, bonds, or stocks), but buys from different companies.

An investment portfolio is said to be the sensible and safe method of making money from securities. But it has the advantage of diversification. Because it’s unlikely that all companies will collapse at once. 

Beginners may not be financially able to pull off this method of earning money. If you do not have a large amount, it is not worth starting the process of forming a portfolio. Except for lost time and spoiled nerves, it will not end with anything.

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