Legal Support Services Supply a Dependable Transcription Solution

Legal Support Services Supply a Dependable Transcription Solution

Legal support services are used inside and outside of a courtroom setting to document a conversation or testimony. Individuals are sometimes required to prepare their testament before the trial. This document, referred to as a deposition, is used in the actual hearing and prior to this event as part of discovery procedures. Deposition services supply an experienced court reporter capable of creating an official document. Lawyers supervise this outside examination process rather than a judge when the service is performed outside of a courtroom. These manuscripts serve as a reference for pre-trial discovery procedures and are made available to both sides as they prepare the case for trial.

The supplied information is checked against the witness’s live trial statements to ensure variances do not exist. Outsourced help is acquired when time or staffing is limited within a firm to ensure all necessary information is available for trial. Outside reporting professionals are also used to create official manuscripts of important corporate meetings or to document internal company issues.

Why do Companies Use Deposition Services?

Deposition services are acquired for one of two reasons: to obtain witness information prior to trial or to create an official record of something. In the event of a trial, depositions are taken up front to aid in the creation of each legal party’s case. They are taken within an attorney’s office or in a conference room at a neutral location. The witness is put under oath just as in court and then directly examined by attending legal counsel. Examination begins with the counsel who the witness is speaking for and then transitions to cross-examination by the opposing counsel. Every spoken word is recorded by audio or visual means as a testimony is given. This information is used to generate an official written script of the conversation. The script is then supplied to both representing counsels to be used as reference. Not every firm has the sufficient work force to generate the necessary depositions for each case. Various companies rely on legal support services to prepare these official documents because they receive a qualified reporter and can easily maintain the validity of each testimony.

The reporters supplied to assist with the deposition process create the written testimony, prepare all other necessary documentation, and certify the transcripts. The testimony serves as evidence for case building before procedures begin and serves as the physical testament in instances where the individual is unable to make the hearing. Deposition services are acquired today to meet the video, audio, and manuscript needs of law firms. Countless attorneys combine video media with traditional audio recordings in order to receive increased insight to a witness’s testimony. Video creation requires high-end equipment that many law firms do not have on hand. A professional service can be used to record by these means and ensure video quality as a testimony is taken. Video recording allows counselors to review facial expressions or other witness features that are otherwise unknown with traditional transcription methods. These legal support services are additionally applicable for translation, general transcription, closed captioning, or corporate purposes.

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