Grant Writing Classes – Five Facts to Note

Grant Writing Classes – Five Facts to Note

1. Where To Find One?

Grant writing classes are a wonderful resource for aspiring grant writers to learn the basics and finer points of grant writing. Online classes are a very popular option as they are easily accessible. You should be able to find local classes available at community organisations in your area.

2. Are You Cut Out To Be A Grant Writer?

Grant writing is a specialized field that requires an interest in factual writing and a certain amount of passion for your chosen field. A flair and interest in fact based writing is a definite must. If you have the perseverance to do research based writing, have patience, dedication, a flair for detail and a passion for causes you may well find your niche in this arena.

3. The Field

Grant writing is a field that runs the whole gamut, from environmental agencies to associations for various disabilities, to business ventures, community services, museums, hospitals and more. Many grant writers choose to work in a specific arena or choose a particular cause that they feel passionately about and thus as a grant writer you may find yourself working for a variety of employers, from corporate organisations to historical societies and museums.

4. Your Earning Power

Grant writing classes are going to give you the means to pursue a career as a grant writer and the payment structure for grant writers can vary. Some grant writers choose to ask for an hourly rate, which can range up to about $100. Some combine this hourly rate with a percentage of the grant payment while other organisations agree to pay a percentage of the sum as payment to the grant writer. Others will charge a lump sum fee for writing the proposal and all follow up work regarding submission progress and fees can range anywhere from $250 to $2000. More experienced writers will ask for higher fees, as will those who have built solid reputations.

5. Class Curriculum

The classes usually offer tutelage in a range of disciplines and a well-rounded understanding of all the aspects of writing a grant proposal will be addressed.

Individualize: It is important to realize that every institution has different requirements and that grants and their stipulations vary depending upon the organisation. Grant applications themselves will vary and each organisation is going to have specific requests for information. Approach each new job with an understanding that each one is unique.

Create An Impression: When you attend grant writing classes you will learn how to fill out applications and the first order of business will be to create a cover letter which is usually signed by the chairperson submitting the claim. This is a brief, titled page that acts as an introduction for the organisation.

The Big Deal: In the classes you will learn how to professionally summarise the organisations goals, its requirements, all qualifications needed to meet the grant requirements, a well set out budget, a business plan and all operating procedures. Once your application is submitted you’ll liase closely with the relevant staff to keep both parties up to date on the applications progress.

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