Getting a Lover Back – Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Giving Him What He Wants

Getting a Lover Back – Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Giving Him What He Wants

It is not uncommon for women after a break up to get `Very lonely’ and would do anything that is possible to get their ex boyfriend back especially if they still love them very much. Some may have resorted to begging their ex, called several times a day, said cannot live without them and even offered sex in order to get their lover back.

Getting a lover back does not necessarily mean you have to give him whatever he wants especially sex. Many women made such mistakes which can be understood. After all, it is hard to behave rational when he still holds a very important place in your heart.

However, the 2 things that are commonly overlooked that keep you from getting a lover back is

1. Premature Reconciliation

2. Intimacy Or Casual Sex

You need to understand that man values what he works for. If he can get what he demands from you easily, then there is no reason for him to commit to you. He is simply taking advantage of you knowing your weakness and vulnerability at this stage. Therefore you should not give your ex boyfriend what he demands if you seriously want him back with you for good.

What to do if I have already done so or He Wants it?

You must let him know that you are not giving into him further in a graceful way that will not offend him. Simply telling him that you want his commitment first is not appropriate because that sounds manipulative.

Just say ‘Sorry dear, No more casual sex ‘ If he disagrees that this is casual then ask him back

‘Oh ya, then what is it?’

This makes him a little uneasy but not offended. He will start to clarify himself and may result in some commitment on his part because he wants you and knows he cant get it easily as before. This will put you in a good position and boost your value especially men treasure and value what they have to work for. Chance of getting a lover back is higher.

If you have not given in to his request then just tell him politely that you are not interested in casual sex/kissing. He will pay more respect and value you even more knowing that he has to work to get the relationship right again if he wants it.

Therefore, you are indeed making him desire you more, think of you more and eventually commit himself to you by not giving him what he wants. Getting a lover back will be closer now.

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