Dealing With Uncertainty – What to Do and What Not to Do

Dealing With Uncertainty – What to Do and What Not to Do

Dealing with any kind of emotion or situation is not always easy and sometimes it can be an extremely difficult aspect for a person to overcome. Uncertainty is a feeling that affects everyone in their daily lives and is a very common feeling for people to feel however for some people it can become more than just a feeling and can overtake their lives with anxieties and fears.

Uncertainty can manifest itself in a number of issues and the list can become quite endless as one thing is for sure in life is absolutely nothing is certain. This goes for everything from the weather, to a life expectancy, job, interviews, meetings, sales meeting or traffic reports. There are just so many variables involved that nothing can be a sure thing and the problems can really appear when people think that there is such a thing as certainty. Looking at the recent financial crisis where the banks all around the world went into turmoil; one of the main reasons for this was the arrogance and the fact they assumed with complete certainty that nothing would go wrong in the housing market and that they could borrow endless amounts of money. This is one of the best examples in the financial world that certainty does not exist – not for all the money in the world.

So once a person has got their head around the fact that the only thing that is certain is that there is no such thing as certainty then they can begin to accept and manage their specific fears and anxieties in a much more direct way.

The fear that surrounds uncertainty commonly comes out of not being in control and the feeling that one is helpless to help themselves or a loved one can creates large amounts of anxiety associated with uncertainty of daily life. People mainly due to human nature or the human condition are just scared of the unknown and to overcome this they firstly need to accept that everything in life is finite and can end at any moment.

People then need to address their own state of mind and try to change their perception of life and generally become a more positive person. From this state of mind a person can begin to move past the fear of doubt that is surrounding them and eventually begin to let go of it.

The same thing can apply to a business as nothing is certain in any commercial market from the banks to the price of property to the supply and demand of any product. Again fear and uncertainty can overtake any managing director or manager in any company and in this case they may want to employ the use of a business consultant or perhaps a business coach to help ease the staff and themselves through a turbulent time. Essentially whether for a personal circumstance or professional circumstance if a person is spending too much time worrying about uncertainty then they will want to seek professional help so that they can overcome it swiftly and effectively.

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