Crochet Scarf Patterns Preparation and Planning

Crochet Scarf Patterns Preparation and Planning

It may seem strange to suggest approaching a Crochet Scarf Pattern like a military exercise but it is always the best policy to ensure proper planning prevents poor performance.

Crochet Scarf patterns are a bit more difficult than say Crochet hat patterns but like all crocheting there are a great many patterns available in a great many styles and levels.

Personally I feel if you are about to attempt a scarf then you are no longer a total beginner and perhaps have already done a hat or two.

Having mastered the basic slip stitch you may be ready to test yourself against a more challenging pattern.

It is a good idea just to do some preparation and planning, nothing complex just those simple things which seem very obvious but those we often forget.

Check what you need, some patterns may require an item you did not need to begin this will be in the pattern.

Also the pattern should tell you how much wool you need; I suggest you make sure you can get in all from the same batch to ensure consistency in colour.

Most Crochet Scarf patterns will tell you the size of the finished scarf; just do a quick measure to see if it is suitable for the person you are planning the scarf for.

Make sure you understand the symbols and language in the patterns as this can sometimes have slightly different interpretations.

What is the Scarf for, a present if so when is it needed make sure you don’t pick a long complicated scarf which is going to take you beyond your target date.

In the past of course it was common to be taught Crocheting by a family member, this dying tradition may not apply so make sure there is a forum or contact section where you obtained the pattern to help if you get stuck.

Many people are selling their scarf’s on e bay etc, if this is your intention then do some basic costs and ask yourself not just about how much the materials cost but how long it will take you and what your time is worth. Crocheting may not be the most lucrative hobby as price comparisons will be made with inferior factory produced scarfs.

If you take these simple planning steps you should be able to concentrate on your Crochet Scarf Pattern and produce the perfect gift for family or friend.

Again just look at the difficulty and make sure you are keeping to those Crochet Scarf Patterns in your skill level as this will save a lot of frustration and ensure you enjoy your hobby as you build up your skills.

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