May 29, 2022

Morning News

This Business? You Bet

Chambersburg father and son established to open up garments retailer, Nuts4Nuts cart

Two new businesses — operate by a father and his son — are opening in the Chambersburg area this summertime.  

Claude Rhodes is opening a men’s garments retail outlet called Clyde’s Relaxed Apparel. It is established to open on Lincoln Way East in Fayetteville in July.

His son, Tyrone, is bringing a New York City staple, a Nuts4Nuts cart, to the region.

The father commenced providing dresses on eBay and was so productive that he decided to open up a brick-and-mortar retail store.

“It began from looking through the ebook ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and it explained when you have an plan in your brain, you can’t wait around for anything to really materialize,” Claude Rhodes explained. “You have to just commence. So I begun by purchasing a couple of factors and selling a pair of points on eBay. And now I am over 300 objects on eBay, and it truly is likely properly. I have so considerably stuff that I could not maintain in my household so I had to commence a brick and mortar.”